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A Few Words About BS Tank

Strategic branding, innovative marketing and data-driven employer brand and recruitment strategies-you’ve heard it all before. Now what?

Hi, I’m Heather. After decades in experiential and brand marketing, I found myself on an amazing journey leading Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing functions. What’s the twist, you ask? It happened during the largest acquisition of a remote company in history and wow did I learn a lot.

Now, I help companies attract, engage and retain the best candidates in the competitive job market (and deflect the ones they 
aren’t looking for). 

My mission is to elevate your employer brand, amplify your company’s unique story and transform your recruitment process into an amazing experience that attracts new teammates who are a value-add to your organization.

I absolutely fell in love with the work.

The Brand Strategy Tank was born out of my desire to help marketing and people teams learn how work together to build a company’s brand.

This means:

Creating an out-of-this-world brand strategy and employee experience

Eliminating commotion trying to reach consensus & building co-motion through collaboration

The Sociology

As businesses look to build and enhance their brand strategy, it’s imperative to consider the role of Employer Brand in informing the corporate brand. The plain truth is that its external messaging and marketing efforts do not solely shape a company’s brand. When organizations build a higher-purpose-driven business, they create the right conditions for a branded customer experience to thrive. Effective intercultural communication is crucial for achieving business success in today’s globalized business world. Proactively implementing strategies for calibrating intercultural communication can enhance the performance of cross-cultural teams, improve customer satisfaction and foster positive relationships with stakeholders.

If you are a startup, organizations must evolve their values and brand so they see themselves in it, or they can be faced with what feels like two different teams, delivering two different results to customers. Because values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors have been internalized as their own-we call this integrated regulation. Employees who started early in the company will have calibrated to the market primarily served when they joined vs. the market the company seeks to serve. While new employees will gravitate toward pursuing the new market, a lack of cohesion can create conflict and must be headed off.

I see you marketers out there! Take heed and cooperate with your People Team. Your brand is informed by the culture and values that exist within the organization.

Building your Employer Brand

A strong employer brand can attract top talent and keep employees engaged and committed to the company’s mission and values. When employees feel connected to the brand and understand its purpose, they are likelier to become brand advocates and help spread the message to external audiences.

But it’s not just about the employees themselves. It bears repeating: the culture and values that underpin a company’s employer brand SHOULD also inform and shape the corporate brand. If a company truly lives its values and demonstrates its commitment to them in its internal operations, this will inevitably translate into how it is perceived by external audiences. AKA your customers and partners.

BONUS: Raising your company’s visibility also leverages product and sales enablement, positively influencing your sales funnels.

So how can I help you do all this?

About Heather Wilson, CMP

In her 23-year career, Heather Wilson, CMP, has transformed brand strategy and experiential marketing at billion-dollar companies in the tech and healthcare sectors leading initiatives across four continents. At TaxJar, she pioneered the employer brand and recruitment marketing strategies propelling the company to multiple spots in ForbesUSA Today and The Fast Company, setting industry benchmarks and earning 11 Comparably Awards and a Silver Telly Award. A gifted brand strategy visionary with deep experience in Intercultural Communication, Human Resource Workforce Development and Sociology, Heather now lives her passion for elevating the power of people stories partnering with startups and Fortune 100s as the Founder of The Brand Strategy Tank.


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